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CoffeePodCo reusable coffee pod capsule usage steps

Fill. Tamp. Insert. Enjoy!

Dearest coffee lover, the CoffeePodCo Pods have been designed to make sure you get ideal results from your first try. Nonetheless, depending on the coffee you use, it might not be the case. This page is here to help you reach the perfect coffee with your CoffeePodCo Pod.

We have put forward a few tips and our most Frequently Asked Questions all answered below. Tamping, ground type, and the amount of coffee all affect the quality of the coffee that comes out each time. 

See Q&As 7-9 below, and try playing one-at-a-time with these elements in the way we describe and see how your coffee improves.

You'll have the best results
when starting with a
good quality coffee.
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1. How are CoffeePodCo Pods different or better than other reusable coffee capsules?

We tried and tested every other reusable coffee capsule on the market. During this testing period we found various issues, such as, capsules not fitting machines, coffee not flowing through the capsules properly and the coffee coming out weak.

By doing this testing first, CoffeePodCo are able to provide, without a doubt, the best reusable coffee capsules in the world.

And we didn’t stop there! We now have the 4th generation design and are continuously researching for improvements to give our customers the best experience possible.


2. Which machines are CoffeePodCo Pods compatible with?

The CoffeePodCo Pods are compatible with almost all original Nespresso® pod/capsule machines, including Essenza Mini C30 and the new Philips L'Or Barista. The only known machines NOT compatible are the:
- Essenza Mini D30 (shaped like a pyramid), 
- Krups Essenza Auto XN2140 (older version), 
- MI-schishare, 
- Delonghi EN97, 
- Essenza C100.


coffeepodco. reusable pods capsules compatible Nespresso machines


3.  How do I clean my CoffeePodCo Pods? Is it easy?

Yes , it’s super easy, just follow this simple 3 step process (total cleaning time = 30 seconds):

1. Remove the lid and pour the coffee into your compost tub (food waste bin if you have one). You can use the included brush and/or a plastic knife or spoon to assist if needed.

2. Rinse the capsule and lid under warm water for 10-15 seconds, also cleaning it with the brush as needed.

3. Dry with a paper/kitchen towel or leave out to dry. 

After multiple uses, you may want to check and clean underneath the silicon seals. You should gently and slowly take them off - do not use anything sharp and do not stretch them.

4. The machine pierce through the single-use capsules, how does the CoffeePodCo Pods not get damaged?

The Pod is designed around the Nespresso® mechanism. There are holes placed that let the water pass through without any trouble. Many tests have been done to make sure neither the Pod nor the machine get damaged during the process.

5. How long do they last?

We use only the best 304 Stainless Steel. If you take care of them and wash them after each use, they will last for many years. The Pods in our offices have been used for several years and they still work like new.

6. Doesn’t Nespresso® recycle their capsules?

First of all, we want to remind you that reusing is always better than recycling. Recycling requires vast amounts of energy and still has a negative impact. Nespresso® recently decided (was forced to?) put in place a recycling program. However, only 0.1% of their new capsules are made in part from recycled capsules. 

7. What is the best types of coffee grinds

- Fine Ground Coffee - the one we recommend!
Fine Ground Coffee (not extra fine) is the type of coffee that will enable you to get the strongest coffee.
If your coffee is extra finely ground or dense, like some espresso blends, do not put too much pressure while tamping. If you see that water is dripping out of the machine, ie that the water cannot go through the capsule, it usually is because there is too much pressure in the capsule. We therefore recommend to put less tamping pressure. Sometimes, not putting any pressure at all, other than the pressure of putting the lid back can be enough. Again, depending on the grind you do need to put a lot of pressure to get a rich taste.
So our advice really is to try a range of different set ups and combinations until you reach your perfect coffee. That's the fun part!

- Medium/Coarse Grind Coffee
Medium/Coarse Grind Coffee will usually be less strong than the fine grind coffee. Here, you should not hesitate to put more pressure in the capsule if you find your coffee is too watery.

8. How do you use the PodTamper correctly?

How much pressure you apply during tamping is a critical part of the process to make a good coffee. Even the taste of coffee can change depending on the amount of pressure you use! 

Read the next Q&A too. Our advice is to play with it until you find the right balance for you.

9. How much coffee should I use?

Usually, the best result is obtained when the CoffeePodCo Pod is not filled with pressed coffee to the top as this usually means the water will flow through with difficulty and the result will not be optimal.

The best amount after tamping is to have your coffee slightly below the top of the Pod. See image above as a guide. This way when you put the lid back on you will barely have to put any pressure to close it.

You can put more coffee if you like your coffee intense, but go back to lesser amount if you see coffee not flowing out as expected, or water bypassing the Pod. 

10. The Pod not fitting in the machine?

Sometimes, usually when slightly too much coffee has been put into the Pod, the machine will not close after having put the Pod inside. A simple trick is to take the Pod back out, turn it upside-down on the bench and push on the base so the lid closes properly, then re-insert into your machine.

11. Won’t the Pod get too hot after each use?

The Pod will indeed be hot after each use. You should wait 1 or 2 minutes before grabbing it with your hand. You can however remove it with tongs etc. and place it under cold water to cool it quickly.

To make things easier we recommend you chose one of our multi PodPacks with several Pods to enjoy your wonderful guilt-free coffee with family and friends. 

After reading through the information above and you have further questions, please email our dedicated Customer Service team: help@coffeepodco.com


Nespresso® is a registered trademark and is not associated with CoffeePodCo, we cite their trading name to indicate compatibility with our Pods.