Resuable coffee pod loader and scoop
reusable coffee pod loader assembly
reusable coffee pod refillable coffee pod view
reusable coffee pod refillable coffee pod scoop technique
reusable coffee pod loader tamp technique
reusable coffee pod refillable coffee pod  loaded

CoffeePodCo PodLoader

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The perfect accessory for your reusable CoffeePodCo Pod.  A perfect refillable coffee pods option to save you money!

This food-grade PodLoader allows you to easily and accurately add your ground coffee without any mess! So easy to use with our PodTamper.

1. Insert your Pod into the lower section of the PodLoader
2. Use the scoop add just enough coffee to reach the top of your Pod.
3. Then lightly tamp the coffee down to below the rim of the Pod. 
4. Remove the top section of the PodLoader and install the Pod lid.
5. Remove the Pod and insert into your machine for a great coffee.

For the perfect brew, experiment with different combinations of coffee, grind, quantity and tamping pressure. Something you can't do with a throw away Nespresso® capsule. Take benefit of your Nespresso refillable capsual to save money at home or in the office.

Be sure to read the FAQs & Tips page for more information.