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reusable coffee pod grinder assembly
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CoffeePodCo BeanGrinder

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The CoffeePodCo manual Stainless Steel BeanGrinder is the perfect addition to your Pods, giving you complete freedom of coffee choice. We always insist on the importance of the coffee grind to get the best coffee out of our capsules, so this is the perfect companion. Use freshly-roasted beans for an exceptional coffee! 

The CoffeePodCo BeanGrinder is compact and adjustable for different grind (flavour) intensities. Once you have found the right grind that works for you
, just leave it like that and you're ready to grind your beans every morning.

The great advantage of using our BeanGrinder is your unground beans remain fresh longer and you will enjoy the freshest coffee taste!

Remember to loosen the grind adjuster (see photo image) before using. Also be sure to read the FAQs & Tips page for more information. 

And of course it is manual, so no batteries, cords or electricity needed to operate your portable compact coffee grinder. What are you waiting for?